Prepaid Calling Card - FAQ

Prepaid Calling Card 

  1. What are the languages available?

    The following languages are available for selection:
    • English
    • Tamil
    • Mandarin
    • Burmese
    • Tagalog
  2. Can I save the pin number onto my phone?

    Yes, the 10 digits pin number can be saved to the phone. After you have keyed in the pin number, there will be a balance playback.  Enter 5# after hearing the balance playback.  The pin will then be saved.  You can save the pin number onto 5 different phones.

    Do not throw away your pin after that.  It can still be picked up and used.
  3. Can I delete the pin from my phone?

    After hearing the balance playback, enter 9#.  After that, press 1 to confirm.  The pin number will be deleted from that phone.
  4. Do I need to enter “019 or 018” to make the overseas call?

    No, there is no need to enter any additional numbers to call overseas.  Start with the country code straightaway.
  5. Is there any surcharge on the cards?

    Yes, there is a connection fees of $0.30 per call on most of the cards.
  6. For international mobile reload, how long do we need to wait before it gets reloaded on the other party?

    This depends on the mobile network in the foreign country.  At times, do expect delays of up to 2 hours before a reload takes place.  The usual lead time is less than 30 mins.